Gimp Video Tutorials

Below are all of our Gimp related video tutorials.

Please note that while most of these videos are quite old, the concepts are still mostly the same in the current version.

Black and White or Sepia

Videos Black & White Workshop Black & White In GIMP (Videos/Gimp) »
Videos Sepia Inside Of GIMP (Videos/Gimp) »

Color Correcting

Videos GIMP & IrfanView Color Correcting Using Curves In GIMP (Videos/Gimp) »


Videos GIMP Filters Blend Modes & Selection Tools (Videos/Gimp) »

Intro Series

Videos Introduction To GIMP (Videos/Gimp) »


Videos GIMP Retouching & Layer Masks (Videos/Gimp) »


Videos GIMP Adding Graphic & Text Elements (Videos/Gimp) »