ePP File Mover Utility (Mac)

» Posted on March 8 2009 in ePhotoPros Sub Category: Software

This is a handy little application that will help you extract a subset of files from a large group. For example, say you gave a client 500 images from an event, and they choose 60 of them as their favorites for an album and email you the list of filenames... this application will allow you to choose a source folder (folder with all files in it), specify a destination folder (where the images will be copied to), and then you just type the filename into a text box, and based on each character you enter it will filter the files in the source folder down until you get to one file - then click enter and it will go into a list to be moved to the destination folder. The auto sensing means that if the actual filename is Smith_08_256.jpg all you have to do is type in 256 and it will find that file. This is a much better way to do this for large numbers of files than control-clicking on each one... I always ended up clicking somewhere I shouldn't and would deselect all the files just as I was about to finish. If you have CS3 or later or Lightroom and need to grab files, you can also do this easily by simply rating or adding labels to the images you want, then sorting by that.

This is the Mac Version, and requires Java.

Watch a demo here.

ePP File Mover Utility (Mac)

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