ePP Fuji Frontier File Renamer (PC)

» Posted on March 8 2009 in ePhotoPros Sub Category: Software

This Utility does 3 basic things - for the most part specifically for photo labs using a Fuji Frontier: It renames files scanned on a Fuji Frontier and exported from the PIC. Files that are in the format of "ordername_ordername-rxx-xxx-xx.jpg" will be renamed as "RXX-yya.jpg". XX will be the roll number, with a leading zero if necessary and yy (with or without an a) is the neg number, with a leading zero if necessary. Renaming is for 35mm or APS film, and will not work with scans made with the manual carrier (120 or slides). Index prints can be created at the same time as renaming, or after the fact. Index print is a 4x6 with 6 rows of seven images, each with the filename below. The path to the folder containing the index print is printed in the top left corner, and the date is in the top right corner. Filenames must be in the format "RXX-yya.jpg". Images from multiple rolls can be separated, with each roll going into its own folder, with the roll number as the folder name.

This utility is for PC's only.

Watch a demo here.

ePP Fuji Frontier File Renamer (PC)

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