ePP Race Number Utility (Mac)

» Posted on March 8 2009 in ePhotoPros Sub Category: Software

This is a simple utility that allows you to view a folder full of images one at a time and add a prefix to the filename. Created for photographers that shoot sports where you would want to sort images based on a bib number or race number, such as motocross, cycling, running etc. While viewing an image you can zoom in to see a certain part of the image easier, and that zoom setting will carry over to all images. You can also rotate images if necessary. Using the utility you can tag images just about as fast as you can type the number and press enter. It works on images of any size with little or no delay when going from one image to the next.

This is the Mac Version, and requires Java.

Watch a demo here.

ePP Race Number Utility (Mac)

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