Articles, Videos and Downloads for Digital Photographers

This site was originally created in 2007 to help our photo labs customers learn how to use Photoshop, Lightroom and a few other photo related applications.

Back then our content was all low res Flash videos and after a few years we stopped updating the site and eventually it more or less disappeared.

In 2024 we decided there was still a lot of good content on the site and we decided to bring it back to life.

Almost all the videos are gone (there were 100s of great videos) but we still occasionally post one to Youtube some of which are also shown here.

There are a lot of great downloadable things like Photoshop custom shapes, textures, brushes, patterns and greeting card designs. Most of these were created in 2007-2009 but many of them should still be useful today.

License for downloads You can use any of our downloads for any purpose other than reselling or redistributing them in their current form. If you want to use them in a commercial project that’s fine but you can’t just resell them as is.

Looking for a Great Photo Lab?

Try our photo lab family:

  • - Our main lab for professional photographers, focused on digital prints on Fuji Professional photo paper.
  • - Dedicated to making tiny prints for lockets and other small jewelry.
  • - Low cost 8x10 and 11x14 prints (and a few other sizes) on Fuji Crystal Archive photographic paper.