Matching your Monitor to your Prints

Posted on February 25 2010 in Calibration

Getting your monitor to accurately reflect what a print will look like is one of the most important parts of digital photography.


Color Management Basics

Posted on June 22 2009 in Calibration

One of the more complicated issues that come up when dealing with digital photography is color management. Color management is all about trying to get the colors that you want, to display properly on a given device, such as a print made on a desktop printer, or a print you get back from the photo lab, or even just on your monitor. By “devices” we mean anything that can record, display or print an image… so cameras, scanners, printers, monitors, and even papers and inks all need to be “managed” so that you get consistent color. You might find that color to not be what you want it to be, but the first step is to at least be able to consistently get the same color.


Anatomy of the Histogram

Posted on June 22 2009 in Histograms

The histogram. It seems a little daunting at first, but it’s really quite simple, and extremely useful. The easy explanation: The histogram (as seen below) is simply a bar graph that represents the amount of each shade of gray in an image, with black represented on the left, and white on the right, and each small bar representing one shade of gray.


Tips and Tricks

Posted on June 16 2009 in Tips

Hear are some of our favorites Tips and Tricks for Photoshop and other applications.


Images and Their Histograms Examples

Posted on July 22 2008 in Histograms

Real Life Histogram Examples - Fresh Out Of The Camera


Assign Profile vs. Convert to Profile

Posted on April 3 2008 in Color-Management

One question that is bound to come up from time to time is when to use “assign profile” and when to use “convert to profile”. First off, let’s just answer this question outright - Converting is probably what you want to do… you will only use Assign Profile on an untagged image (meaning, there’s no profile embedded in the image file) and you will basically have to guess what color space the image was originally in. Typically, this will be either ProPhoto RGB, Adobe 98, sRGB or maybe even CMYK to name just a few of the more common profiles.


Filenames and Sorting Issues

Posted on February 8 2008 in Filenames

So you renamed all your files with a sequence number, and uploaded them to a gallery (or sent them to a lab for printing)… but they are not displaying in the order you want them to… why is that?